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3rd Party Logistics (3PL) Software

The most powerful software for logistics service providers (3PL)

The standard for logistics, your industry. Whatever part of logistics you operate in, there is no doubt about the importance of efficiency in your processes and information flows. That is why Boltrics developed 3PL Dynamics: the future-proof industry standard software solution for 3PL. Based on proven best practices and the input of over 350 logistics service providers around the globe.

As partner of Boltrics, we follow this philosophy. Implementing standardized yet flexibly configurable Warehouse Management Systems, Transport Management Systems, and Freight Forwarding Management Systems in the UAE. Providing integrated solutions tailored to your logistics operation, supported by the powerful technical foundation of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. Implemented in three months. Always up-to-date.

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3PL Dynamics: the transition from registration to monitor and control.

3PL Dynamics, the software standard for logistics service providers. 3PL Dynamics is a complete software solution fully attuned on the logistics suppliers. The solution is ERP, WMS and TMS all-in-one. All business and logistics processes are integrated into the software. Standard. From a simple entry into storage to RF scanning, Cross Docking, Customs Brokers and EDI. But also for purchasing, sales, and finance. Integrated and customized. And for a fixed price.

One flexible state-of-the-art platform with logistics solutions for every branch

Efficient processes and control of your margin define your competitive position. This is in contrast to an expensive custom-made software solution. Which might fit like a glove, but for how long? Adding changes afterward usually becomes very expensive, with the risk that you will be faced with the limits of your own customization. Choose Boltrics’ state-of-the-art platform: the future-proof solution for storage, transshipment, and transportation of goods by land, sea and air.

Based on the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Our software is developed for and by the branch. Functionalities are developed and shared branch-wide. All our customers work on the same version, so we can automate updates. This allows the software to be always up to date, even years after implementation. Without time and effort on your part. Thanks to the unique features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, maintenance and updates take place without disrupting the continuity of your business. Of course, you would expect nothing else from the branch standard!

The Advantages:

• One integrated solution

• More efficient operations

• Higher service level towards customers

• Improved reliability of delivery

• Lower costs

• Actual and reliable management information

• Increased productivity

Work more effectively with the branch standard

• Specifically designed for your business processes

• Microsoft software, assures you continuity and technical innovation

• Further development based on the actual needs of the branch

• Development costs shared branch widely

• Low maintenance costs

Quality Point

Empowering Your Business with Microsoft Dynamics Expertise

Why Choose Us?

By working with Boltrics, we’ve gained insight into the processes and challenges of third-party logistics, enabling us to work closely with you to provide a flexible solution developed specifically for logistics service providers. With Boltrics 3PL Dynamics and Business Central, you can run your business more effectively in today’s competitive environment.

Most recently in the UK, we have been working with Jenkins, HSH, and Lineage. They now also work with the branch standard used by over 350 customers worldwide.

We would love to hear from you. You may also reach out to us at info@qpointme.com

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