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Real Estate Module​

At Quality Point, we excel in implementing Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central with over 15 years of experience and specialized solutions like the Real Estate Module.

Real Estate Module

Discover comprehensive real estate solutions with Quality Point IT Consultancy. Our advanced modules within Business Central streamline processes like lease management, collections and reporting. Features include PDC and eviction notice management, customizable reports and regulatory compliance.

Role Center

The system offers various dashboards tailored to user roles, such as property manager, maintenance manager and accountant. All actions related to these roles can be accessed from a single location!

Tenancy Contract

The tenancy contract provides comprehensive details all in one place, including customer information, the lease amount, the number of post-dated checks (PDC), agent fees, the value of the previous contract and detailed cheque information.

PDC Information

In our real estate module within Business Central, we offer a robust Post-Dated Check (PDC) management system tailored to leasing agreements. You can effortlessly track check details, receive automated reminders and generate detailed reports. With security and compliance features, role-based access control, and seamless communication with tenants, our module ensures efficient PDC management.

Eviction Notice

Our BC real estate module incorporates a Dubai RERA-compliant eviction notice process. It simplifies the generation, tracking, and auditing of eviction notices, ensuring compliance and efficiency for property managers.

Invoice Creation and Sharing

Using our module, sales invoices can be automatically generated based on collections and sent directly to tenants’ email addresses. Our module integrates a comprehensive accounts receivable process within Business Central, consolidating all relevant information into a single source.

Reports and analysis

Our system offers a variety of pre-designed reports, including Tenancy List, lease contract expiration, revenue forecast, essential alerts for PDC and eviction notices and lease unit availability. Additionally, it provides a range of data sources for creating custom reports using external tools such as BI systems or Excel.
Additionally, Quality Point operates in over 6 countries through partner solution offices in the GCC and MENA regions, ensuring a strong and extensive network of professional services for our clients.

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